Mochi was born to support stitching communities and their talented work worldwide. Travelling to different destinations to design a collection, we support these communities by creating jobs and opportunities for work among these women in the hopes of contributing to their well-being, standard of living and purchasing power.

Mochi is a brand that begins with a journey, a reflection of different cultures. Focused on bright coloured embroidery, the tribal chic one of a kind pieces of clothes and accessories are handcrafted by local artisans. Mochi uses ancient embroidery textiles and craftsmanship to create modern trend silhouettes, effortlessly merging eastern and western sensibilities and encouraging the talent from the community. For each collection Mochi will travel to different destinations and design a line that reflects on various aspects of their culture.

Originally Palestinian founder of Mochi Ayah Tabari, was born in Riyadh, raised in Amman, studied in London before she finally settled in Dubai.

Fascinated by different cultures and eccentric traditional fabrics, Ayah decided to put her eye for colourful details into a clothing line, and set her sights on the fashion industry.

Ayah creates simple silhouettes that can be transformed from day to night, using a fusion of traditional material from ethnic cities.

Mochi is sold exclusively in the Netherlands and Western Europe through