How nice that you want to know more about us! We love to encourage people to make conscious choices and to research where the products they buy come from. 

Who we are

BOTTINES is a sustainable fashion brand that values ​​ethics, style and quality. We want to introduce our customers to the style of BOTTINES and inspire them to focus less on trends. With stylish, high-quality, timeless and comfortable products, we want to offer our customers a good alternative to harmful fast fashion. We encourage people to go for a number of key pieces and style them with other timeless items, rather than to follow one-season trends.

Local crafts

BOTTINES wants to contribute to the preservation of often century-old crafts that are typical for certain regions. When selecting the businesses we work with, we never lose the sustainability aspect out of sight.

We currently sell sandals from the Greek Peloponnesos, ankle boots and belts from the French Camargue, Moroccan raffia mules (made of palm leaves) and leather gloves with sheep wool from Portugal.

Ethical entrepreneuship

For us, being an ethical brand is our number 1 priority. All our products are produced in a sustainable and fair way, with respect for people and the environment. We know the conditions under which our products are made, by whom they are made, the materials that are used and the origin of these materials. We maintain a close relationship with all our producers. They work under good conditions, receive a fair price and gain access to the Dutch consumer market through us. We do not enter into partnerships with parties that do not match our own core values ​​and promise: to offer our customer a good alternative to fast fashion.

We may not always be the most sustainable alternative with our leather products, but by our way of working and the choices we make, we believe we definitely contribute to a better fashion industry. For example, the leather that is used is often tanned in a natural way, without the addition of harmful chemicals. If this is not possible, as in the case of gloves, then we make other conscious choices that help us contribute to a better fashion industry. The leather used for our gloves, for example, is a by-product of the meat industry, which would normally be destroyed as waste. By selling timeless products of high quality and comfort, we ensure that our customers will enjoy wearing our products for a long time. We believe these are all important contributors to sustainability!

Inge van Meer | owner of BOTTINES

BOTTINES is owned and run by Inge van Meer. Inge lives in Overveen (between the city of Haarlem and the beach), is mother of two kids (Jack and Nora) and married to Max. 

Owner - Bottines.nl