BOTTINES Handcrafted footwear brings the finest artisanal footwear from Europe and was founded by Marjolein van Zanten in 2010.

We work with two top French brands - La Botte Gardiane and Zespa Aix-en-Provence, both from the South of France, both offering the highest quality of leather footwear. In 2017 we started working with a beautiful small scale atelier from the Peloponnese, Greece, that hand make the new Summer sandals for BOTTINES. Available from February 2017.


The small scale factory where the boots are made today was founded in 1958, in a town between Nîmes and Montpellier. La Botte Gardiane rapidly became specialists in making ‘Camargue’ cowboy boots for local horse riders and country folk

The family business is currently run by two brothers and their sister who were given an award in 2007 for their “Manufacturing Excellence” and craftsmanship by the French Ministry of Economics. The European fashion house Celine also commissioned them to make boots in recent years.

Naturally tanned leather

All the shoes are made with the best leathers and suèdes from famous tannery Degermann in France, that also supplies Hermes, Ralph Lauren and other luxury brands. Most of the skins are tanned with vegetable dyes using oak, rosemary and chestnut. All products are of a very high quality and are 100% French made. Monocle made a report on La Botte Gardiane.

"In 2010 I bought my first pair of these boots in the South of France, soon I wore hardly anything else! A perfect 'basic' - flat yet elegant, to be worn casual as well as for business. Having worked in sales and marketing for the shoe line of both Viktor & Rolf and Beatrix Ong London, I quickly recognised the high quality of these hand made shoes. Secondly the high respect for environment, animals and traditional production processes made me fall in love with this brand. Therefore I started customising & importing them for the Dutch market under the name BOTTINES" -  Marjolein van Zanten

In 2014 we added the luxury sneakers of Zespà Aix-en-Provence to the store, which have created a vivid worldwide fan base. We fell for the classic, chique designs of these sneakers that are made with the best materials available like calf leather and suede. We offer both women's and men's sneakers. Read more about the brand here


In 2017 BOTTINES launched our own sandal collection, hand made by an energetic Greek couple who run a small atelier on the Peloponnesos, Greece. The leather used is vegetable tanned leather from Crete, which is better for the environment and hypoallergenic. The handmade sandals also have an extra rubber sole, for added comfort as they are more flexible and bouncy than the traditionall full leather sole.

Thank you for shopping with us!

Marjolein van Zanten

Founder - BOTTINES.nl

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Picture: RVDA